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Planning a fall or winter wedding? Consider a dark & moody wedding theme! This theme is the perfect mix of edgy & glam and we can totally understand why many brides have leaned into the trend. The color palette consists of dark, rich, deep reds, purples, and greens with pops of blush and gold to lighten it up and add a bit of chic. We've rounded up all the best dark & moody wedding inspiration we could find, keep reading for more!
moody wedding inspiration


Rich, deep, dark colors work best with this theme. Incorporate black, emerald, burgundy, plum & blush and gold for a pop of color and glam.

moody wedding color palette

Gothic churches, woods/forests, and dark intimate venues work wonderfully with the moody wedding vibe. Realistically though, a beautiful wedding can be brought to life anywhere with the right décor, which brings us to our next topic...
moody wedding venue inspo

Decorating for a moody wedding is quite the experience! We've rounded up 10 of our favorite décor pieces on Amazon for easy shopping and to get you jump started.
moody wedding decor
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The invitations are the first impression your guests will have for the vibe and mood of your wedding. As such, they should accurately represent the theme and color palette! 
moody wedding invitations

What dress do you picture for a dark/moody wedding? We visualize lots of lace, long dramatic veils, and open back. Feeling edgy? A black dress would make such a beautiful statement. 
moody wedding bride dress

The floral lineup for a dark and moody wedding: roses, carnations, thistles, ranunculus, scabiosa, protea, eucalyptus, and leather fern leaf. Hues? Dark, deep reds, green, blush, and cream.
moody wedding florals

There is simply no other cake fit for this theme then a sultry, sexy, all black cake. Adding moody inspired florals adds the perfect final touch to the cake to give it a elegant vibe.
moody wedding cake

If you're planning on wearing white, having your girls in all black would look gorgeous with this theme. Additional colors that work beautifully include, emerald green, burgundy, and deep purples.
moody bridesmaid dresses

In conclusion, a dark & moody wedding theme is elegant, chic, sexy, moody and totally on trend. If you've had a dark & moody themed wedding or are planning on having one soon, leave us a comment down below and let us know how you're planning on incorporating this beautiful theme into your special day.
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moody wedding

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