10 Stationery Mockup Shops For Graphic Designers

As an invitation template designer, do not underestimate the value of high quality, realistic, beautifully designed mockups. A good mockup helps build trust in the customer as it portrays a realistic sample of your digital end product. As a fellow graphic designer, updating my listing photos to realistic and trendy mockups increased my shop views and customer engagement and shot my sales up by 78%.

Listed below is 10 of our favorite mockup shops for graphic designers.

01. GIAimagestudio

This Etsy shop specializes in stationery and invitation template mockups. We love the incorporation of soft and natural elements such as florals, gauze runners. and chiffon ribbons for a genuine wedding shoot vibe. 

02. WildSprucePhotos

WildSprucePhotos has some of the most beautiful and popular mockups on Etsy. If you've browsed invitation templates on Etsy, chances are you've seen their mockups in use. We love their ability to capture a photo that is both simple and beautiful in nature.

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03. CPcoImages

CPcoImages mockups truly make you say WOW. It seems as if elegance and beauty just come naturally to them. If you're looking for mockups that will make your listings pop, this is definitely the way to go.

04. DigiPigStudio

This shop is one of our absolute favorites on Etsy and truly a GEM. Their mock-ups look straight out of a professional wedding gallery or bridal magazine spread. We cannot wait to see what else they offer!

05. LinnestCreative

If you’re looking for bright, simple & neutral toned mock-ups, LinnestCreative is the shop for you. Their mock-ups are sure to make your designs standout. 

06. WesleyStreetMockups

WesleyStreetMockups offers warm-toned mock-ups with a boho flair. We especially love their incorporation of various textures that gives their mocks a cozy vibe. 


Is minimalism more your style? HALFTOUNE has got you covered. Let your designs be the star of the show with these minimalistic mocks. 

08. FavouriteHelloStock

Hand held invitation mock-ups are this shops specialty, and they really do it well. We also love their bright & classic style.

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09. BlushPinkStudioo

If you’re all about nature and scenery, you’re going to love BlushPinkStudioo. Several of their mock-ups are taken outdoors and they beautifully capture the seasons. From golden orange leaves in the fall to pink cherry blossoms for spring, they have got it all. 

10. ShadesOfSundayCo

ShadesOfSundayCo mock-ups exude, warm, boho, terracotta vibes and we are here for it. The mock-ups are beautifully styled and are sure to make your designs stand out.

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No matter what your aesthetic is, having beautifully designed mockups for your shop is absolutely critical. We hope this list has helped you narrow down the best shops to purchase your next stationery mockup.

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